Communism and the War in Angola

by George M. Houser, American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
About late December 1975
Publisher: American Committee on Africa
2 pages
Reprint of an Op-Ed column by George M. Houser in the New York Times. Houser argues that the international conflict in Angola is reminiscent of Vietnam, and that the U.S. government is distorting the real issues involved. For example, United Nations Ambassador Daniel P. Moynihan said Soviet involvement in Angola was a first step in colonizing the whole continent. Soviet support for the MPLA began in the early 1960s, when the United States refused MPLA requests for support. Also, South Africa is using the Angolan fighting as a smokescreen behind which it can eliminate the forces of SWAPO from northern Namibia and southern Angola.
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa).
Collection: Africa Action Archive