Profits and Prejudice: Illinois Corporations' Investments in South Africa

by Clergy and Laity Concerned, Norman Watkins
with Charles Hayes
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Publisher: Clergy and Laity Concerned
82 pages
Type: Book
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: Acknowledgments • Forward (by Congressman Charles Hayes, Illinois) • Introduction • Scope of the study • Apartheid • The "Sullivan Principles" • Conclusions based on this study • Part I: The Context for Investment in South Africa • A. Overview of South Africa's political situation • B. Overview of industrial employment in South Africa • C. Black trade unions in South Africa • D. Opposition leaders' views regarding corporate withdrawal • E. U.S. economic involvement in South Africa • F. The extent of Illinois corporations' involvement in South Africa • Part II: Illinois-Bases Firms' Operations in South Africa • Abbott Laboratories • A.M. International • American Hospital Supply Co. • Arthur Anderson • Baxter Travenol Laboratories • Beatrice • Bell & Howell Co. • Borg-Warner • Caterpillar • CBI Industries • Dart & Kraft • Deere & Co. • Do-All Co. • Dukane Corporation • FMC Corporation and Foote Cone & Belding • GATX • Gerrard, A.J., & Co. • Hayes/Hill Inc. • Heller Financial Inc. • Illinois Tool Works Inc. • International Harvester • International Minerals & Chemicals • Maremont • Motorola • Nalco • Nielsen/Dun & Bradstreet • Searle, G.D. • Square D • UAL • U.S. Gypsum • Part III: Bank Loans to South Africa • A. The role of foreign loans in maintaining apartheid • B. Terminology • C. Recent loans to South Africa by Illinois banks • D. Bank policies regarding possible future loans to South Africa • E. Alternatives: Banks which rule out South Africa lending • Part IV: Illinois Groups' Actions and the Corporate Response • A. Illinois Groups' Campaign Against Loans to South Africa • B. Divestment • C. Coalition for Illinois' Divestment from South Africa • D. Illinois Corporations Respond • Tables • A. South African Population, according to government racial categories • B. Distribution of total earned income, 1981 • C. South Africa's workforce by race, 1981 • D. Black employment in South Africa • E. U.S. corporations having investments in South Africa • F. Top U.S. banks having loans outstanding in South Africa • G. Top twenty investors in South Africa • H. Loans outstanding to South Africa as of December 1982 • I. Number of workers at South Africa operations of Illinois-based firms • J. Sales and assets estimates for South Africa subsidiaries and affiliates • K. Headquarters of Illinois firms included in this study • L. Illinois organizations active on South African issues • Appendices • A. Ads by Bell & Howell in the South African Financial Mail • B. Ad by Citicorp in Financial Mail • C. Ad by International Harvester in Financial Mail • D. Ad by Masonite (now a subsidiary of US Gypsum) in Financial Mail • E. Excerpt of letter from Baxter • F. Correspondence from Citicorp • G. Correspondence from Dart & Kraft • H. Correspondence from Deere & Co. • I. Correspondence from FMC Corp. • J. Correspondence from Hayes/Hill Inc. • K. Correspondence from Motorola • Bibliography
Used by permission of Norman Watkins.
Collection: Clergy and Laity Concerned (Chicago), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections