SUMOSSA-in the Struggle to Elimate Apartheid

by Patricia Kyle
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
May 1988
Publisher: United Methodist Church
2 pages
This article outlines the history of South Indiana United Methodists and Others in Support of Southern Africans (SUMOSSA). The article says SUMOSSA was involved in organizing direct assistance to meet the needs of people in Southern Africa, monitored U.S. policy in Southern Africa and lobbied senators and representatives in relation to policy, organized for U.S. institutional disassociate from South Africa's apartheid system (campaigning against bank loans to South Africa, for corporate disinvestment), and educated people in South Indiana about the South Africa apartheid system. Contents: The Panty Project • Investments Task Force • Other Activities [Note: Christian Social Action is a magazine of the United Methodist Church. In the title on the original document the word Eliminate is misspelled as Elimate]
Used by permission of Patricia Kyle, a former member of South Indiana United Methodists and Others In Support of Southern Africans.
Collection: Patricia Kyle Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections