Report on the Anti-Imperialist Coalition Meeting

by Janet Hooper
with Trudy Pax, Elaine Fuller
Undated, about September 1971
5 pages
Type: Report
Coverage in Africa: Angola, Mozambique, Southern Africa, Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Asia, Latin America, Middle East
Language: English
Report on a conference in Allenspark, Colorado August 27-30, 1971. The report says three days in the light air and clear vistas of Colorado; three days of meetings, learning, arguing, strategizing, breathing; the result - the decision and the beginning of plans to form a new organization of groups working primarily in the areas of research, liberation support and anti-imperialist structure organizing to be entitled the North American Anti-Imperialist Coalition. The report includes a copy of a letter from Trudy Pax and Elaine Fuller prior to the conference and BEYOND VIETNAM: A CONFERENCE ON ANTI-IMPERIALIST STRATEGY AND ACTION PROPOSED AGENDA. The report discusses the National Committee for Returned Volunteers (CRV), Eqbal Ahmed, Don Barnet, the LSM (Liberation Support Movement) Information Center, SAC (Southern Africa Committee), Gulf, MPLA, UNITA, the Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa (MACSA), CFM (Committee for a Free Mozambique), Dow Chemical, herbicide, Angola Comite's FACTS AND REPORTS, Alcan, Reynolds Aluminum, imperialist countries, the "third world", the interconnectedness of the imperial system, analysis, the Africa Research Group, the Brain Mistrust, the Chicago Area Group of Latin America, Friends of Haiti, Liberation News Service, the Middle East Research and Information Project, the North American Congress on Latin America, the National Action Research on the Military Industrial Complex, the Radical Information Project in Denver, Third World Cinema, the Committee for Solidarity with National Liberation Movements in Los Angeles, The Fraser Group in Vancouver, FRELIMO, liberation movements, U.S. linkages, joint project for fund-raising, LSM interviews, Latin America, Indochina, liberation movements, civil disobedience, CONCP (Conference of Nationalist Organizations of the Portuguese Colonies), Project Transistors, anti-biotics, anti-malarial pills, and The Africa Fund.
Collection: Carole Collins Africa Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections