National Black Coalition On Southern Africa

by National Black Coalition on Southern Africa
Washington, DC, United States
Undated, Spring 1977?
2 pages
This brochure of the National Black Coalition On Southern Africa (NBCSA) outlines the origin of NBCSA and its role and projected work goals. The brochure quotes Samora Machel: "Solidarity is not an act of charity; but mutual aid between forces fighting for the same objective." The brochure lists contact persons including Judi Claude, A.B.H.M., Philadelphia, PA; Sylvia Hill, Washington, D.C.; Paulette Coleman, Henry McNeil Turner Society, Baltimore, MD; Byron Charlton, Black People’s Development Front, Dublin, VA; Fannie T. Rushing, Amilcar Cabral Collective, Chicago, IL; Wilber Haddock, Black United Workers, Newark, NJ; Carolyn Johnson, Black Military Resistance League, Norfolk, VA; and Safiya Henderson, BISSAL, New York, NY. [Note: BISSAL is presumably Blacks in Solidarity with South African Liberation.]
Collection: Alan Zaslavsky Africa Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections