Gulf Annual Meeting Demonstrations: Pittsburgh, Boston

Gulf Oil Response to Portuguese Coup
by Gulf Boycott Coalition
Dayton, Ohio, United States
April and May 1974
2 pages
Type: Press Release
Coverage in Africa: Angola
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Portugal
Language: English
Two press releases were printed back-to-back for a mailing. “Gulf Annual Meeting Demonstrations: Pittsburgh, Boston” reports that 12 people affiliated with the Gulf Boycott Coalition attended the Gulf Stockholder’s annual meeting on April 23 in Pittsburgh, while, in Boston, the Boycott Gulf Coalition and the Pan African Liberation Committee jointly sponsored a demonstration outside the Gulf Corp. office at Government Center. “Gulf Oil Response to Portuguese Coup” reports on a meeting between three Gulf Boycott Coalition supporters and Gulf Oil Corporation.
Used by permission of the Congregation for Reconciliation.
Collection: Private collection of Richard Knight