CIDSA Update

(# 13)
by Coalition for Illinois' Divestment from South Africa
with Cheryl Graves, Sahotra Sarkar
Chicago, Illinois, United States
January/February 1986
6 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: Forum Denounces U.S. Policy in South Africa, Central America and the Caribbean • Task Forces Report • State Task Force Report • Steel Task Force Report • City Task Force Report • Memberships • CIDSA Update Book ReviewL Part Of My Soul Went With Him by Winnie Mandela • Bishop Tutu Urges Chicago To Continue the Struggle • Angola Alert - Savimbi Visits the U.S. • Who is CIDSA? Why Divest? • South African Update • Anti-Apartheid Calendar
Used by permission of former members of Coalition for Illinois' Divestment from South Africa.
Collection: Private collection of Basil Clunie