INTRODUCING A NEW SERIES ON SOUTHERN AFRICA For Advanced High School and Introductory College Use

by Africa Research Group
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
3 pages
Type: Leaflet
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The leaflet says the Africa Research Group series on Southern Africa is designed to meet the growing need for classroom materials on the explosive situation in Southern Africa, where five white minority governments have entrenched themselves against African efforts to regain control of their homelands; South Africa, Rhodesia, South West Africa, Angola and Mozambique are included in the series. The leaflet says the first in the series is RACE TO POWER: THE STRUGGLE FOR SOUTHERN AFRICA. The leaflet says RACE TO POWER is a book on the growing conflict in Southern Africa between White power and Black liberation; PART I surveys life under apartheid and colonialism in Southern Africa; PART II discusses power relationships within Southern Africa and between Southern Africa and the rest of the world - with particular emphasis on the U.S. The leaflet says the series on Southern Africa has been prepared in consultation with experts on Southern Africa, citizens of all five countries, and teachers from United States schools and colleges; the first of the series, RACE TO POWER, was edited by A. Kellock and M. Marshall. The leaflet says Alan Kellock teaches African and Afro-American history at St John's University in New York; he has served as a consultant for New York area schools on ways to approach Black History and White Racism in the classroom. The leaflet says Margaret Marshall is a South African presently living in the United States; she has travelled throughout Southern Africa and written extensively about the region; she teaches at Tufts University and has served as a consultant on Southern Africa.
Used by permission of Danny Schechter, Sam Barnes and Robert Maurer, former members of Africa Research Group.
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers