[Dear Summit Participant: In behalf of the host organizations, all the volunteers, Advisors, and Honorary Co- Chairs of this New England meeting of the National Summit on Africa, I am pleased to welcome you.]

by Willard Johnson, Boston Pan-African Forum
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
July 16, 1999
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Letter to participants in the New England regional summit of the National Summit on Africa (NSOA) encouraging their participation in deliberations about policy framework and plan of action for how the U.S. government and people relate to the states and peoples of Africa for many years to come. The cultural, economic, social and political well-being of African people is of great significance to our own;  balanced and respectful partnership between America and Africa are needed. New England has rich academic, historical, business and cultural resources that give it a special role to play in the NSOA process. Few regions of the U.S. have older and more diverse connections to the African continent. This region has  special prominence in fields of maritime, high-technology, education, cultural, financial and governmental affairs, giving our recommendations special significance.

Used by permission of a member of Boston Pan-African Forum.
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