by Boston Pan-African Forum
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Undated, 1999 or early 2000s?
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The Membership Forum says the Boston Pan-African Forum (BPAF) is dedicated to fostering strength and progress throughout the African world. It seek to educate, activate, and mobilize African-Americans, the African Diaspora, and friends of Africa regarding their interests in international and domestic affairs affecting Africa. The organization promotes: 1) Special events and media programming: conferences and workshops, cultural and media events, and other programming to educate the public about current cultural, economic, social, political issues, and public policy matters that could affect the general well-being of African peoples and nations. 2) Collaborative linkages: exchange of ideas and information, and collaboration between and among individuals and organizations in communities of African Americans, Africans, and people of African descent. 3) Policy analysis: research, publication, and programming to educate African Americans and the general public about how to define and defend their interests in the relations between states and peoples of African descent around the world. The annual fee is $20.

Used by permission of a member of Boston Pan-African Forum.
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