[We write to you with a sense of urgency to connect to kindred people and organizations that care about how the United States and the American people relate to other regions of the world in this period of drift and challenge.]

by Kelly Chunn, Virginia Straus, Peter Smith, Ruth Weizenbaum, Boston Pan-African Forum
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
April 5, 1999
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Type: Mailing
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Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The mailing says our special concern is to promote better relationships with the states and peoples of Africa; as someone concerned about global issues, you probably share our belief that the economic, social and political renewal of Africa is one of the great promises of the new millennium, and that the achievement of that promise requires a balanced and respectful partnership between America and Africa, which, if  achieved, would offer great mutual benefits. The mailing says with that cause in mind, we have invited you to attend a special luncheon from noon to 2 p.m. that the Boston Research Center for the 21st Century (BRC) is holding April 12, in conjunction with the Coalition for a Strong United Nations and the Boston Pan African Forum; at this luncheon we will discuss the plans for "The National Summit on Africa," an innovative project which could help the U.S. to engage African issues responsibly. The mailing says the Boston Pan-African Forum is the delegate agency to organize the sub-regional meeting for the six New England States; this will be held in Boston on July 17, preceded by a festive reception the night before; at this meeting the participants will debate, amend and adopt a draft Policy Plan of Action that will then be presented to both the Eastern States meeting in Baltimore (probably the end of July) and the National meeting in Washington D.C. in February of next year; the July Boston meeting will also elect the official delegates to the National Summit (each state may have up to four times the number of their Congressional seats). The mailing says at the national meeting, the delegates will consider all the policy proposals from the several regional meetings and determine the final statement, which will then be promoted in the media and with the Federal Government and elected officials at all levels; it will also offer guidance to the private sector as well as to the African leaders. The mailing says it is evident that this is an important undertaking that merits careful attention; additional information and background material on the project will be provided at the luncheon; perhaps you and your organization will want, not only to become delegates, but to help engage the general public in serious consideration of the policy issues about present and future relations between Africans and Americans.
Used by permission of a member of Boston Pan-African Forum.
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