by TransAfrica Boston Chapter
with Deborah Toler
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
May 5, 1993
8 pages
Type: Meeting Minutes
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Haiti
Language: English
Contents: Agenda • 1. March Minutes • 2. National Update • 3. Committee Reports • A. Policy Committee Report • B. AIDS Forum • 4. TransAfrica Forum • 5. New Business / Announcements • Those in attendance were Jemadari Kamara, Alix Cantave, Deborah Toler, Tesfay Aradom, James Pritchett, Pearl Robinson, James Woodard, Priscilla Dass, Geraldine Hines, Darnley Howard, Jacqueline Howard-Matthews, Robert Johnson, Willard Johnson, Winston Langley, Aggrey Mbare, George Mitchell, Charles Ogletree, Magueye Seek, Lawrence Watson, and Emira Woods. Kamara distributed a fact sheet on Haitians detained on Guantanamo; an LA Village View article featuring Randall Robinson discussing the lack of change between the Bush and Clinton Administrations on Africa and Caribbean policies; and a news release on the Sudan. TransAfrica Forum is concerned that it has received only a few scholarship applications. The planned March 17 Policy Committee forum had to be cancelled; no one has sent comments on the Liberia options statement. Johnson felt the new version still did not accurately reflect that the operative Liberian agreements are intended not simply to implement sanctions against the Taylor forces but to change Taylor from a combatant into a participant in elections. Concern was expressed that TransAfrica’s Sudan press release reflects a distorted and simplistic view of African realities. Each business meeting will have a guest speaker on an agreed-upon topic. Sudan will be the topic for the April 21, 1993 Policy Committee forum. George Mitchell and Pearl Robinson agreed to invite as speaker a Sudanese visiting scholar, who is former Dean of the University of Khartoum's Law School. At the May meeting, a guest speaker will address Eritrea The referendum on Eritrea's future political identity, e.g. total independence or not from Ethiopia, will be held April. 23-25. Hines has been invited and will be going to Eritrea as an observer of the April referendum; Aggrey Mbere will be an observer at RCC representing the African National Congress. Sarpong has found two African resource persons to discuss socio-political aspects of the AIDS crisis in Africa at our planned AIDS program. Ogletree gave a presentation about the TransAfrica Forum Scholars Advisory Council, which has six members from the Boston area. The Council will have an op ed published in the NY Times regarding the Clinton Administration's policy on Haiti, Angola, and Zaire.
Used by permission of a former member of TransAfrica Boston Chapter.
Collection: Private collection of Willard Johnson