by Committee on the Breytenbach Case
San Francisco, California, United States
June 1, 1977
2 pages
Type: Report
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English

The Committee on the Breytenbach Case and the Floating Museum learned that the South African artist and writer Breyten Breytenbach has received the Prix des Sept, a literary prize awarded by a group of European publishers. The Committee, a group of writers, artists, and activists, has published A DOSSIER ON THE CASE OF BREYTEN BREYTENBACH, including the report of the International Commission of Jurists' observer at Breytenbach's trial. Breytenbach is a South African political prisoner. Arrested in 1975 for the "crime" of supporting the anti-apartheid movement, Breytenbach has been made the victim of judicial procedures that has been condemned by Amnesty International and the International Commission of Jurists. After being put in the hands of pro-government "defense attorneys," Breytenbach apologized in court to Vorster, South African head of state, for having written a poem critical of him, and furthermore "confessed" his participation in an anti-apartheid organization. The Committee and the Floating Museum call on people of conscience to tell representatives of the South African government of their concern that Breytenbach be granted all normal democratic rights before his accusers. The apartheid regime has scheduled a second trial of Breytenbach on charges of “terrorism” to begin June 20, 1977. Breytenbach is an Afrikaans writer enjoying great popularity among South African readers and also is a painter of world reputation. a list of the Committee's endorsers and Lawrence Ferlinghetti's poem on Breytenbach, WHITE ON WHITE, are available from the Committee. The report includes the text of a letter sent to the Consul General at the South African Consulate on the letterhead of the California Arts Council signed by Peter Coyote.

Collection: Helen Hopps papers