by Congress of Afrikan People
Gary, Indiana, United States
2 pages
Type: Report
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: World Situation: Trends of Revolution and War sharpening • ARMED STRUGGLE IN SOUTHERN AFRICA • USSR: THE TIGER AT THE BACK DOOR! • KISSINGER'S TRIP: BEWARE OF THE WOUNDED WOLF! • DOMESTIC CRISIS IN THE U.S. & PARTY BUILDING • The report says Afrikan Liberation Day is an important time to focus on the liberation of Afrika from imperialism, colonialism, hegemonism, white racism and Zionism. And this year's theme put forward by the Afrikan Liberation Support Committee is: superpowers Out of Afrika!, "Freedom for the People of Azania, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Angola!" It is the superpowers, U.S. Imperialism and Soviet Social Imperialism, who represent the main obstruction to the independence, liberation and struggle for the revolution of the people of Afrika; all over the world today, with U.S. imperialism on the decline throughout the world and the Soviet Social imperialists on the rise, Soviet revisionists have been peddling their jive "socialism in words, and imperialism in deeds" on the national liberation movements of the 3rd world and the rest of the world's peoples. The report says the two sharpest trends in the world today are revolution and war; that is on the one hand we can clearly see the rising tide of revolution in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Guinea-Bissau, and Mozambique where U.S. imperialism is getting its behind kicked out of Afrika, Asia, and Latin America. And on the other hand the contradictions between the imperialist themselves, the two Superpowers especially, is sharpening to the point of the third imperialist world war. The report says armed struggle in Southern Afrika has raged since the early 1960's and this is part of the historical trend that is moving forward irresistibly-- Countries want independence, nations want liberation, and the people want revolution! The report says since the Second World War, U.S. Imperialism has "ceaselessly launched aggressive wars and carried out subversion and interference", supporting every fascist dictator and racist butcher in the world; in fact, without U.S. imperialism and the aid it got thru N.A.T.O. to drop napalm on the people of Afrika, Portuguese colonialism could not have sustained the 14 year colonial war against the revolutionary patriots of Angola. The report says every day the lies of the Soviet Union become clearer and clearer, just as the tragedy of Cuban degeneration in becoming lackies of Soviet Social Imperialist expansionist policy is becoming clearer; Cuba's behavior around the Angolan situation also must raise questions· about the class in power in Cuba itself! The report says Kissinger's trip to Afrika must be understood in the light of the fact that U.S. imperialism is on the decline all over the world, and the U.S. is clinging, tenaciously to the hegemony and superprofits it has seized from the people of the world; especially, now in Afrika, the U.S. is the wounded wolf trying to hold onto its spheres of influence and control against the heavy onslaught of the aggressive imperialist designs of the USSR. The report says South Afrika's attempt to combine talk of detent on the one hand, with the most savage political and military suppression ·of the people and liberation groups in Southern Afrika is right in tune with Kissinger's strategy. The report says clearly U.S. imperialism is the Superpower on the. decline in the world today 9 the wounded wolf; and right here inside the USA the struggles are sharpening more and more as a result of the fundamental contradictions of monopoly capitalism and intensifying the wave of social and political crisis and chaos that temper the people in struggle; and in its deadly move to maximize profits, the imperialist bourgeoisie is shifting the burden of the imperialist economic crisis onto the backs of the working class and oppressed nationalities. The report advertises a C.A.P Forum "BLACK LIBERATION TODAY" featuring Amiri Baraka at Campbell Friendship House on Sunday, June 6. The report discusses the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Henry Kissinger, proletarian internationalism, British colonialism, raw materials, Kenya, U.S. domination, and Gary Bookstore.
Collection: Helen Hopps papers