TransAfrica Legislative Update

(Vol. 1, No. 2)
by TransAfrica
Washington, DC, United States
February 1986
2 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: Liberia
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents:  HOUSE URGES REAGAN TO SUSPEND AID TO LIBERIA • On February 18, the U.S. House of Representatives adopted a nonbinding resolution asking the Reagan Administration to suspend economic and military assistance to the Republic of Liberia until that government takes significant steps to fulfill commitments to move the country towards democracy. The Senate passed a similar resolution in December. Congress' call to suspend aid to Liberia followed fraudulent state elections on October 15, 1985 and human rights abuses by the Liberian government after an attempted coup in November. The election was aimed at returning Liberia to civilian rule after five years of military dictatorship under General Samuel K. Doe, who is also the ruling party's candidate for president. But the junta refused to allow several opposition parties and candidates to participate and restricted campaign activities of authorized opposition candidates. The vote count showed Doe receiving 50.9% of votes – a result that many people believe was manipulated because Doe was decidedly defeated at the polls. After the November 12 coup attempt by Liberian political exiles, Doe forces have killed an estimated 500 to several thousand people and arrested and detained other opposition leaders without charge, allegedly for participating in the failed coup d'etat. The House resolution sets conditions for ending suspension of both economic and military aid. The newsletter reports that the TransAfrica building was extensively damaged by fire on February 28; staff returned on April 4.
Used by permission of TransAfrica.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root