TransAfrica News

(Vol. 6, No. 3)
by TransAfrica
with Perrin Reid (Editor), Maryse Mills (Editor)
Washington, DC, United States
Summer 1987
8 pages
Contents:  THE LEGISLATIVE BATTLE FOR SOUTHERN AFRICA • Weakening the Supplemental Appropriation • LEGISLATIVE UPDATE • Foreign Aid Legislation FY '88 • Items To Raise When You Call or Write to Your Congressmen • "Africa Aid Levels Are Unacceptable" by Free South Africa Movement • Attacking Angola Through the Trade Bill • 'Filibustering' Mozambique • Restricting ANC and SWAPO • Defining the War: Understanding the Process • SOUTH AFRICA: CHILDREN UNDER ATTACK by Cassandra Butts • TRANSAFRICA CELEBRATES 10 YEARS OF COMMITMENT • CHAD: FOREIGN INTERESTS FUEL THE FIRE • Key Political Events In Chad 1960 – 1980 • The lead article says the anti-apartheid movement has suffered setbacks in the 100th session of Congress; discussion on the foreign assistance bill is at a standstill in both Houses; the Senate bill provides $500 million in development assistance (DA) and $60 million in Economic Support Funds (ESF) for Africa. Angola is also under attack by bills proposed by Congressman McCollum (H.R. 1074) and Senator DcConcini (S. 174) which seek to impose comprehensive sanctions on Angola. People are asked to urge their representatives to oppose efforts to finance UNITA or RENAMO (the South African sponsored forces operating in Angola and Mozambique), such as the Dannemeyer bill (H.R. 340) which would provide $27 million in military assistance to UNITA. People also are urged to express support for three bills: Congressman Dellums' bill H.R. 1153 calling for total disinvestment from South Africa, Dellums’ bill to end aid to Zaire unless and until they meet stipulated human rights conditions, and Congressman Dymally's bill H.R. 131 calling for the independence of Namibia. The Free South Africa Movement finds the proposed FY'88 economic aid allocation for Africa to be outrageously insufficient; allocations for Pakistan, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Ireland and the Philippines enjoy special Congressional protection. The newsletter reports that children have increasingly become the target of attacks by the South African Security Force; they are being detained without trial at alarming rates. The newsletter mentions the ANC (African National Congress), SWAPO (South West African People's Organization), Robert Dole, the Front Line States, SADCC (Southern African Development Coordination Conference), the Reagan Administration, Senators Larry Pressler and Dennis DeConcini, trade sanctions, the State Department Authorization Act, Detainees' Parents Support Committee (DPSC), Law and Order Minister Adriaan Vlok, torture, police, the U.N. Children's Fund (UNICEF), Max Coleman, President Hissene Habre, Colonel Muammar Quaddafi, S.R. 1228, the anti-Cuba lobby, Rep. Patrick Swindall, Rep. Dan Burton, MNR (Renamo), and President Woddeye of Chad.  TransAfrica’s 10th anniversary events were attended by Harry Belafonte, Congressmen Bill Gray, Walter Fauntroy, and Howard Wolpe, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Willie Brown, Jr., State Senator Richard Newhouse, Congressman Eddie Williams, Roger Wilkins, Renee Poussaint,  Joyce Ladner, Randall Robinson, Maxine Waters, Robert Browne, Locksley Edmondson, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Namonde Ngubo, Sam Nolutshungu, Twiggs Xiphu, and Sylvia Hill the Southern Africa Support Project.
Used by permission of TransAfrica.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root