by New York Material Aid Campaign for ZANU
New York, New York, United States
Undated, Fall 1979
2 pages
The leaflet says the fundamental issues being struggled out at the All Parties Conference on Zimbabwe (the London Conference) should be clear to all of us; the issues are land, economic control, and political power. The leaflet says the people of Zimbabwe have been fighting a protracted people's war under the leadership of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) for the past 15 years to reclaim their country and culture from more than 80 years of colonialist domination; ZANLA military forces are now poised at the very gates of the few cities in Zimbabwe that are still white-controlled strongholds; that is the reality that forces Smith, Muzorewa, and the British to negotiate. The leaflet says the puppet regime from Salisbury, backed by Britain and the United States, is fighting to maintain imperialist control and white privilege in Zimbabwe; they commit greater and greater atrocities against the people of Zimbabwe in a vain effort to contain people's war; that is the reality that Britain and the U.S. are trying to legitimize at the London talks. The leaflet says it is the power of the people's war led by ZANU that has liberated more than one-third of the country and has forced Smith and Muzorewa to the conference table; nothing so clearly exposes the sham of the Muzorewa regime than the reality of the liberated zones freed by the armed struggle; it is in the liberated areas that there is true control by African people, and it is there that socialist reconstruction has begun. The leaflet says soon all of Zimbabwe will be free. During 1979 - the Year of the People's Storm - ZANU has extended the armed struggle to 90% of the country; while the talks in London go on, there are large-scale military engagements with 20 miles of Salisbury and strategic sabotage inside the city destroyed the main electrical power line; Umtali - the third largest city in Zimbabwe - is under almost constant attack by ZANLA forces. The leaflet says the U.S. is the only country besides South Africa that openly and covertly broke the U.N. sanctions against the illegal regime, to visit this country; the Carter administration, while mouthing phrases about human rights, first invited Ian Smith and then Abel Muzorewa to visit this country; this gave the nod to Britain to fight for the internal settlement; the current talks are an effort by the U.S and Brita in to split the Patriotic Front, to confuse the people of Zimbabwe, and to divide the Front Line states from the Zimbabwean people. The leaflet says progressive white people in this country can break with this imperialist strategy by politically and materially supporting the revolutionary forces in Southern Africa; ZANU is calling for this support; there is an urgent need for funds to be able to maintain their negotiating team in London while all their resources must go to finance the war itself and to meet the needs of the people in the liberated zones; this is a concrete way that we can contribute to the liberation of Zimbabwe and to the defeat of imperialism and white supremacy. The leaflet discusses the U.S. Congress, strategic and critical minerals, white supremacist groups, the Ku Klux Klan, CIA- funded mercenaries, struggle for land, the Black liberation struggle, and self-determination. This leaflet was digitized by The Freedom Archive that provided it to the African Activist Archive Project.