by New York Material Aid Campaign for ZANU
New York, New York, United States
Undated, Fall 1979
2 pages
Type: Leaflet
Coverage in Africa: Zimbabwe
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The leaflet says the people of Zimbabwe are on the verge of total victory in the war to reclaim their country from white settler colonialism and imperialist domination; under the leadership of ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union) they are winning the fundamental right of oppressed people to self-determination -- the right to control their own social, economic and political development. The leaflet says women are playing a leading role in the revolution -- by their participation in the People's War in large numbers, and by their leadership in the armed struggle, in the building of ZANU and in the development of socialist reconstruction in the liberated zones; the participation of women in the struggle is essential to the nation's defeat of imperialism. The leaflet says now, only the large cities, the white settler strongholds, are still held by the Smith-Muzorewa regime; the People's War has fully liberated 1/3 of the country and secured 90% for ZANLA forces; in the liberated zones people are totally dismantling the institutions and social relationships of colonialism and white supremacy and building socialism; the victories of the armed struggle have forced the colonial power, Britain, to the conference table in London; the total commitment of ZANU to continue the armed struggle until Zimbabwe is free is the driving force at the London Conference. The leaflet says at this critical time, the ZANU Women's League is urging all people, and in particular, women, who oppose imperialism and white supremacy to extend and heighten our full political and material solidarity to the people of Zimbabwe, to the women of Zimbabwe, and to their vanguard, ZANU. The leaflet says the fighting forces, ZANLA women in particular, have very concrete needs in order to carry out their tasks; they need women's clothing for combat, like jeans, new underwear and sanitary napkins; the ZANU Women's League is building a campaign throughout the world to meet these needs· and is waging a struggle in this country for international solidarity by building the ZANU Women's Campaign. The leaflet says within the U.S. and around the world, Black and Third World women, like the women of Zimbabwe, fight for the survival of their people; they have from the moment their nations were subjugated; the genocide or imperialism - the destruction of a nation and systematic murder of people - is the overriding reality that transforms the lives and oppression of Third World women. This leaflet was digitized by The Freedom Archive that provided it to the African Activist Archive Project.
Collection: The Freedom Archives