Art Against Apartheid: Submit Art Works for Shows Around the Bay Area

by Art Against Apartheid
Los Angeles, California, United States
Undated, early 1985?
2 pages
Type: Leaflet
Coverage in Africa: South Africa, Southern Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Leaflet asking people to submit art works for shows around the Bay Area. The leaflet includes AFRICA FESTIVAL CALENDAR. The leaflet says all proceeds raised will go to the Liberation movements of Southern Africa through the United Nations Centre Against Apartheid. The leaflet lists exhibition dates at the Western Addition Cultural Center, the Diego Rivera Gallery, the Heller Gallery, the Mission Cultural Center, the Soft Tough Gallery, and the Co-Lab Gallery. The leaflet says US involvement props up and maintains the system of apartheid; it provides the South African government with illegal weaponry and nuclear technology; multinational corporations embrace the South African economy; this support for the South African government has increased since the Reagan administration has been in power with his so-called "constructive engagement." The leaflet says these racist policies directly affect workers in the USA. The leaflet says on June 16th 1976 Soweto school children took to the streets to demonstrate against apartheid. The uprising quickly spread across the country; in 1983 there were more strikes than ever before in the history of South Africa; within the past 6 months the rising resistance to Apartheid South Africa has spearheaded the mounting movement here for freedom in South Africa. The leaflet discusses UC Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley), San Francisco, and pass laws. This leaflet was digitized by The Freedom Archives that provided it to the African Activist Archive Project.
Collection: The Freedom Archives