[Dear CCISSA members and friends: A lot has been happening in southern Africa over the last several months.]

by Rachel Rubin, Chicago Committee in Solidarity with Southern Africa
Chicago, Illinois, United States
December 31, 1994
Publisher: Chicago Committee in Solidarity with Southern Africa
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Mailing to CCISSA members and friends advertising a planning meeting on Saturday, January 7. 1995 at Cook County Hospital. The mailing says a lot has been happening in southern Africa over the last several months. The mailing says Mozambique had national elections in October; Angola signed a new peace accord in November; Chief Buthelezi and Inkatha are moving farther apart from King Zwelethini, increasing tensions in Natal. The mailing says in the U.S., a new ultraconservative congress was elected putting the existence of the House Subcommittee on Africa in jeopardy. The mailing says CCISSA has had several meetings and an educational program over the last few months to help us redefine our goals and our work in light of the end to apartheid in South Africa and other momentous changes in the region; the ANC just had its National Congress two weeks ago, and the title of the conference was, "From Resistance to Reconstruction and Nation Building." The mailing says this change in perspective, going from a liberation struggle mode to one of building a new free country, is the same change in outlook solidarity groups need to institute. The mailing says the CCISSA board has committed itself to keeping the organization together and developing a new program of work. The mailing says a proposal that we have discussed in general terms contains the following three points: 1. Set up an Institute on southern Africa to function as an educational/research clearinghouse for the Midwest 2. Develop a structure to link up local organizations and individuals doing community based work here with like organizations and projects in southern Africa 3. Commit ourselves to one action campaign or project to concentrate on over the next period of time, possibly around combatting the new emerging U.S. policy towards Africa. The mailing discusses the Chicago-Alexandra Sister Community Project, and the ANC (African National Congress).
Used by permission of former members of the Chicago Committee in Solidarity with Southern Africa.
Collection: Kathleen M. Devine papers