by Chicago Committee in Solidarity with Southern Africa, Church World Service
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Undated, early 1992
Publisher: Chicago Committee in Solidarity with Southern Africa
1 page
The document describes the two organizations that will receive donations raised in the 1992 Walkathon: Christian Council of Mozambique (CCM) and Alexandra Women's Congress (AWCO), both of which are focused on supporting women.  The CCM has a membership of 17 denominations, including some independent African churches. Church World Service has worked with the Council for many years on CCM emergency assistance programs, including distributing food, seeds, agricultural tools, household implements, clothing, blankets and medicine to some 40,000 families (200,000 people) who are internally displaced by the war. CCM also conducts rehabilitation efforts and long-term community development programs in the areas of agricultural and water resources, community health programs, education, sewing projects, and human resource development of women. The Alexandra Women's Congress (AWCO), launched in 1990, is active on issues of housing, education, and health. AWCO has participated in polio vaccination, AIDS education, assisting the Advice Center, and establishing a sewing collective. Alexandra Township is one of the oldest and poorest in South Africa, located in the midst of Johannesburg's most affluent suburbs. Alexandra, which has experienced some of the worst anti-democratic violence in recent months, is Chicago's sister community in South Africa.
Used by permission of former members of the Chicago Committee in Solidarity with Southern Africa.
Collection: Kathleen M. Devine papers