Dear Pastor Smith: Greetings! When I was recently contacted for suggestions al:xmt people with whan Graca Machel should visit, I of course rrentioned you and your congregation.

by Miloanne Hecathorn, WITNESS for South Africa
Oakland, California, United States
January 3, 1989
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Type: Correspondence
Coverage in Africa: Mozambique
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Letter from Miloanne Hecathorn to Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr. of Allen Temple Baptist Church.  The letter says when I was recently contacted for suggestions about people with whom Graca Machel should visit, I of course mentioned you and your congregation; so I am writing to verbally introduce you to Graca Machel, Minister of Education for Mozambique; she ·will be briefly visiting the Bay Area February 24-26; if possible, I thought it would be mutually beneficial for her to care to your February 26 8 a.m. service; I am uncertain as to whether it would be appropriate for her to address your congregation; she will be participating in Bethlehem Lutheran's service at 11 am, so would be unable to linger too much after your service. The letter says she was born Graca Sirnbine in 1945 and attended school in Mozambique until 1966; she then -went to Portugal and earned a Bachelor's degree in Modern Languages in 1972. The letter says Graca undertook training as a FRELIMO freedom fighter when she returned to Africa in 1974; she participated in the negotiations for Mozambique's independence in 1974 and -was appointed Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Culture in the Transitional Government. She became the Minister of Education and independencein1975. The letter says she is a member of the Central Committee of the FRELIMO Party, a Deputy of the People's Assembly and a member of the Secretariat of the Mozambican Women's Organization; she is also President of the Mozambican children's organization, the "Continudadores," President of the National Commission of UNESCO in Mozambique and Patron of the Mozambique-Zimbabwe Friendship Association. The letter says in 1975, shortly after independence, she married Samora Moises Machel, President of the People's Republic of Mozambique and of FRELIMO; he was killed under mysterious circumstances in a plane crash in October 1986.
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