[Dear fellow Guild member, The Bay Area Anti-Apartheid Subcommittee seeks your participation in a campaign which we are conducting in conjunction with Lawyers Against Apartheid (LAA), …]

by Susan Lewis, Bay Area Anti-Apartheid Subcommittee, National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
San Francisco, California, United States
Undate, 1985?
2 pages
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Mailing by the signed by Susan Lewis of the Anti-Apartheid Subcommittee of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. The mailing says Dear fellow Guild member, The Bay Area Anti-Apartheid Subcommittee seeks your participation in a campaign which we are conducting in conjunction with Lawyers Against Apartheid (LAA), a nationwide grouping of attorneys opposed to the apartheid regime in South Africa; both our subcommittee and LAA are committed to making an impact on the tragic and dehumanizing situation facing millions of Black people and other people of color under the racist and oppressive system of apartheid in South Africa; PLEASE continue the Guild's fine history of opposition to oppression in Southern Africa and join with other lawyers, law students, and legal workers in this historic campaign to achieve justice and equality in the multi-racial nation of South Africa, and to eliminate the shame of apartheid forever. The mailing says attached are a Pledge Card and a Notice/Inquiry Card; please fill out and sign the Pledge Card and send it to the office of Lawyers Against Apartheid in Los Angeles; fill out the Notice/Inquiry Card and mail it to the bank(s) which you patronize; on the back of this letter is a list of California banks making loans to South Africa, as well as some that do not, along with a compilation of some of the facts regarding the situation in South Africa under apartheid. The mailing says during the last few years, the South African government has increased its repression against opponents of apartheid; organizations and individuals have been banned and outlawed, popular political and labor leaders have been arrested and are on trial for "treason", over 300 people have been killed while protesting apartheid this past year alone; while the situation is becoming worse for the Black majority and repression has increased, American bank investments in South Africa have increased. .  The mailing says for further information call $top Banking on Apartheid (Stop Banking on Apartheid). The mailing says the information is from the Africa Resource Center in Oakland. The mailing includes SITUATION IN SOUTH AFRICA that includes a list CALIFORNIA BANKS MAKING LOANS TO SOUTH AFRICA and a list BANKS CERTIFIED BY THE BERKELEY CITIZEN’S COMMITTEE ON RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENTS (1984-1985). The mailing discusses the PLEDGE OF CONSCIENCE CAMPAIGN, blacks, whites, the vote, education, white children, black children, malnutrition, passbooks, prison population per capita, Nelson Mandela, California First Bank, Crocker, Bank of the West, Security Pacific, Lloyds Bank, Barclay’s Bank, Sumitomo, Bank of America, Union Bank, First Interstate, American Savings & Loan, City Federal Savings & Loan, Continental Savings & Loan, Bank of California, Bank of Oakland, Gateway Savings & Loan, Empire Savings & Loan, Great Western Savings & Loan, Home Savings & Loan, Pacific Savings & Loan,  San Francisco Savings & Loan, Santa Clara Savings & Loan, Well Fargo Bank, and World Savings & Loan.
Used by permission of the National Lawyers Guild.
Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers