by National Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign
St. Louis, Missouri, United States
undated, February 1983
1 page
Type: Resolution
Coverage in Africa: South Africa, Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Russian Federation
Language: English
Resolution passed at the Third National Conference of the National Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign held February 4-6, 1983, which was sponsored by Clergy and Laity Concerned and the Washington Office on Africa. The resolution recommends that all local Freeze organizations include in their educational, outreach and organizing work materials about U.S. collaboration in South Africa's nuclear war-making objectives and that Freeze groups give to support to HR 1020, sponsored by Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), which would stop all nuclear exports to South Africa and prohibit training of South Africans at U.S. governmental nuclear facilities. The resolution also directs the National Strategies Task Force and the National Minorities Task Force to review endorsement of national coalition efforts to end U.S.-South Africa nuclear collaboration and to make a recommendation on this issue at least in time for the National Committee meeting in June 1983 after the Freeze Resolution vote in Congress. The resolution recalls that, in 1961 and 1974, sub-Saharan African states at the U.N. requested that all then-current nuclear powers respect the whole African continent as a denuclearized zone, which the U.S. voted against. It also describes U.S. government assistance to South Africa in developing its nuclear weapons capacity.
Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers