by Stop Banking on Apartheid
Oakland, New York, United States
Undated, late 1988 or 1989?
4 pages
Type: Report
Coverage in Africa: Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Europe
Language: English

Detailed list of activities by Stop Banking on Apartheid and other organizations in California. Starting in 1977, campaigned against bank loans to South Africa, always linked to local role of the bank, such as redlining. Targeted Bank of America in 1979; on one day, leafleted at 750 branches. By 1986, all California banks had stopped making loans to South Africa. Divestment ordinances began with Berkeley's 1979 bank loan ordinance as a model. Later, Oakland’s 1985 comprehensive Ordinance, including purchasing, was a national model. Circulated "Our Town Out of South Africa: A Key to Gaining Community Control Over Your City’s Public Funds” throughout the US. Ordinances also passed by Cotati, San Jose, Los Angeles, Richmond, Santa Cruz, Stockton, Fresno, San Francisco, East Palo Alto, Santa Barbara, Emeryville, Davis, Sacramento, Sonoma County, Contra Costa County, Alameda County, Santa Clara County, the East Bay Municipal Utility District, Bay Area Rapid Transit District, Alameda County Transit District, Port of Oakland, Oakland United School District, Peralta Community College District, and the State of California. Many religious organizations adopted divestment resolutions, including all 17 member-denominations of the Northern California Ecumenical Council. Churches and synagogues held Days of Concern, Memorial Days, and received South African (including ANC) and Namibian (including SWAPO) speakers; several Council of Churches conducted material aid drives for South African communities. WITNESS for South Africa, based in Oakland, provided the organizing and informational link for churches and Church Councils throughout northern and central California. International Longshoremen's Union gave leadership to actions by unions by refusing to offload South African cargo in Port of San Francisco and Oakland. Musicians formed alliances, such as Musicians Against Apartheid, Reggae Against Apartheid!, and Asian-American Artists Against Apartheid. School districts developed curricula and brought speakers. Other organizing activities included a celebration of Mozambique's independence, a Zimbabwe Medical Aid Drive, connecting with support for other liberation struggles (Chile, Nicaragua, Philippines), celebrating International Women's Day and South African Women's Day, urging boycotts of South African products, lobbying on the platforms of the Democratic and Republican parties, organizing Africa Peace Tour in northern and central California, and working on many campuses, especially within the University of California system. Conducted two seven-week speaking tours in Europe in 1984-85.

Used by permission of former members of Stop Banking on Apartheid.
Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers