[Dear Brothers and Sisters, Thanks to all of you who joined the Soweto Day Walkathon & Rally]

by Kathleen Devine, Illinois Labor Network Against Apartheid
Forest Park, Illinois, United States
July 17, 1989
Publisher: Illinois Labor Network Against Apartheid
1 page
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
This thank you letter says more than $16,000 was raised at the Soweto day Walkathon and Rally for medical and legal aid for South African detainees (people held prisoner without being charged). The Chemical Workers Industrial Worker Union in South Africa reports that it has been able to win most of its demands in negotiations with Mobil Oil Corporation on terms of its disinvestment from South Africa. The Network will meet at UAW Local 477 to discuss unions in South Africa and the campaign for comprehensive sanctions in the U.S. On August 8, the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLWU) will hold a protest at the Federal Building in Chicago to commemorate South African Women's Day; a delegation will meet with Senator Dixon's staff to seek his support of Comprehensive Sanctions; an informal reception, immediately following the protest, will be held at SEIU Local 25. The mailing mentions a flyer on S.A. Women's Day and a sample letter to Sen. Dixon. The mailing discusses strike action, UAW (United Auto Workers), and SEIU (Service Employees International Union).

Used by permission of a former member of the Illinois Labor Network Against Apartheid.
Collection: Kathleen M. Devine papers