by Illinois Labor Network Against Apartheid
Forest Park, Illinois, United States
August 8, 1989
2 pages
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Mailing calls for support for the campaign for sanctions against South Africa in order to cut the flow of resources that enables the apartheid regime to wage a reign of terror in South Africa and neighboring states, sever corporate ties that make apartheid profitable, and strengthen the democratic forces in South Africa. The Comprehensive Sanctions bills, sponsored by Sen. Paul Simon and Rep. Ronald Dellums, will mandate a ban on almost all trade with South Africa, all U.S. corporations to withdraw from South Africa, U.S. corporations to negotiate the terms of disinvestment with their South African workforce, and penalties on non-U.S. corporations (e.g., Royal Dutch/Shell) that supply oil to South Africa. The mailing asks people to get their union/organization to pass a resolution, send a delegation to Sen. Dixon’s office, and raise the sanctions issue in your organization's newspaper, and on radio call-in shows. People are urged to write letters to Senators Paul Simon and Alan Dixon in support of Comprehensive Sanctions against South Africa (S.B. 507). Last August, the U.S. House passed the Dellums Comprehensive Sanctions bill by a vote of 244 to 132 with the strong support of anti-apartheid, labor, and religious organizations; the Senate companion bill died in committee. The 1988 bills would have strengthened the limited sanctions bill that was passed over the President's veto in 1986. The mailing includes THE 1988 SANCTIONS VOTE listing members of the Illinois delegation to the House of Representatives and how they voted. The mailing mentions Kathy Devine, Harold Roger, and the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Africa.

Used by permission of a former member of the Illinois Labor Network Against Apartheid.
Collection: Kathleen M. Devine papers