by Boston Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
May 31, 1977
2 pages
Contents: PICKET FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BOSTON! THURSDAY, JUNE 16 -4:30 PM • SHOES FOR ZIMBABWE CAMPAIGN • RESOURCES AVAILABLE ON SOUTHERN AFRICA • REPORT ON MAY DAY RALLY • The newsletter includes a leaflet SOUTH AFRICA HAS A FRIEND AT FIRST! advertising a demonstration at First National Bank of Boston on June 16. This is a public kick-off of a campaign to expose involvement of FNBB in South Africa and to encourage withdrawal of accounts by groups and individuals. Of FNBB's 20 largest stock holdings, ten are in companies with sizable investment in South Africa, and  FNBB's board of directors interlocks with many other corporations investing in South Africa. Shoes, clothing and other supplies will be collected in Mattapan and the South End to be sent to liberation fighters in Zimbabwe; the campaign also will involve public leafletting and literature sales, film showings at local churches and community centers, and an effort to establish ongoing groups around Southern Africa. The Coalition also has literature on Southern Africa available. On April 30, BCLSA co-sponsored a May Day anti-apartheid demonstration, where about 800 demonstrators marched and about 400 attended the rally at the Arlington Street Church. Speakers included Dick Clapp, who spoke on the role of FNBB in South Africa and here in Boston (forcing state and. city cutbacks and layoffs) and Themba Vilakazi of the African National Congress (ANC) who stressed the role played by workers in the South African liberation struggle. The newsletter mentions Eritreans for Liberation, Church of the Covenant, Bill Fravis, fundraising, camps, the Carter Administration, South African big business, and passes. [Note: Alan mentioned in the document is Alan Zaslavsky.]

Used by permission of former members of the Boston Coalition for Southern Africa.
Collection: Vincent Klingler papers