[Dear friends and Members of UPCARR: As the first anniversary of the student rebellion in Soweto approaches, the situation in Southern Africa is escalating.]

by Ros Purnell, United People's Campaign Against Apartheid and Racism
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
May 13, 1977
Publisher: United People's Campaign against Apartheid and Racism
2 pages
UPCAAR mailing notes that liberation forces in Zimbabwe are united and driving hard at the Smith regime, in Namibia, SWAPO is pushing South Africa into a hopeless position in the North and the mass movement is rejecting the latest attempt at a neo-colonial solution, and, in South Africa, mass demonstrations and intensive organizing continues. Meanwhile, the U.S. is tightening its support for the racist regimes and attempting to build towards some sort of neocolonial solution in both Zimbabwe and Namibia. South Africa has invested millions of dollars in a propaganda campaign in the U.S. to sway public opinion. In Business Week alone, 26 pages of ads were taken by South Africa. Americans are faced with a barrage of misinformation and falsehood about southern Africa. UPCAAR has had a very successful year; after the boycott of the Tennis Tournament, it raised $1,700 for a hospital in Mozambique, and then 300 people came out to commemorate the Sharpeville Massacre on March 19. Four community educational series are underway, but UPCAAR is still seeking to involve more people. The mailing says UPCAAR needs a strong and well organized, multi-national organization in order to present the truth about Southern Africa. People are invited to the next monthly meeting of UPCAAR. The agenda will include a proposal for a mass march and rally to commemorate the Soweto Rebellion on June 18. The proposal is to call for a rally at the Board of Education to link the struggles of students in Soweto around the Government’s attempt to cut the English language usage from the curriculum with the present cuts the Philadelphia School Board is considering.
Used by permission of a former member of United People's Campaign Against Apartheid and Racism.