Mozambique needs a hospital. Help us build one

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Undated, about October 1976
2 pages
Type: Leaflet
Coverage in Africa: Mozambique
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Leaflet advertising the Philadelphia premier of “O Povo Organizado” (“The People Organized”), a documentary about progress in Mozambique. Showings will be held on November 5-7 at the Bandbox Theater, Academy Screening Room, International House, and Mother Bethel Church. Film director Robert Van Lierop and a representative of Mozambique will be present. The leaflet says there will also be a showing of the movie “A Luta Continua” (“The Struggle Continues”). The leaflet says, guided by FRELIMO, the people of Mozambique overcame divisions to defeat Portuguese colonialists; FRELIMO, the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique, led the people in a ten-year revolutionary war, bringing health care, education, and democracy to the liberated. Frelimo continues to guide the people of Mozambique to eliminate the legacy of disease, poverty, and underdevelopment left by 500 years of Portuguese rule. Although the Mozambican people have gained their independence, they have taken on added hardships to do everything possible to weaken the racist regimes of Rhodesia and South Africa. They have closed their borders to trade with these countries and have sheltered the refugees and freedom fighters of Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). Mozambique is an international model of solidarity, at the cost of Western governments’ maintaining a boycott on aid and trade, blocking, among other things, access to the many types of medical equipment. United Peoples Campaign Against Apartheid and Racism (UPCAAR), which is sponsoring this film, seeks to bring together all Philadelphians interested in working to support the liberation movements of southern Africa, seeks to end all U.S. investment and military aid (covert and overt) in and to the racist regimes, and calls for "Victory to the Liberation Movements!" UPCAAR sees the struggle against racism as a common struggle of working people in southern Africa and the U.S. • 2500 SEE WORLD PREMIERE IN NEW YORK • LIBERATION MEANS THE PEOPLE DECIDE • DESPITE HARDSHIPS, MOZAMBIQUE LEADS THE STRUGGLE • PEOPLE TO PEOPLE AID BREAKS THE BLOCKADE 
Used by permission of a former member of United People's Campaign Against Apartheid and Racism.
Collection: Vincent Klingler papers