Don't UNload the Chrome

by Baltimore African Liberation Support Committee
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
December 12, 1973
1 page
Type: Leaflet
Coverage in Africa: Zimbabwe
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The leaflet says a shipment of chrome from Rhodesia aboard the African Sun is due to be unloaded at Locust Point on December 12, 1973 (today), and the African Liberation Support Committee urges longshoremen not to unload the chrome. This is the fourth time this year that a shipment of chrome from Rhodesia has come to the Port of Baltimore. In June, a group of longshoremen walked off a partly-unloaded shipment of chrome in response to a picket line which was set up to protest the unloading of the chrome. In September, longshoremen refused to unload a shipment of chrome aboard the African Dawn. In November, all white gangs were brought in to unload chrome aboard the Mormaclake. The leaflet says, in spite of the United Nations ban on trade with the illegal, racist regime in Rhodesia (called Zimbabwe by African people), the U.S. has been importing chrome and other metals from this Central African country since 1969. The leaflet says IT IS UP TO YOU, THE RANK AND FILE LONGSHOREMEN TO DECIDE THAT THE AFRICAN SUN MOST NOT BE UNLOADED! The leaflet discusses slave labor, starvation wages, and U.S. imperialism. 
Collection: Vincent Klingler papers