California Newsreel's Southern Africa Media Center

by California Newsreel
San Francisco, California, United States
Undated, late 1977?
8 pages
The brochure describes the Southern Africa Media Center, established by California Newsreel. This Center has created a film library that will be a current and comprehensive resource for activists and educators about African liberation struggles. Each film has been acquired to meet a specific need. LAST GRAVE AT DIMBAZA, directed by Nana Mahomo, remains the most moving and comprehensive introduction for the general audience to the horrors of the apartheid system; THERE IS NO CRISIS, produced by Thames Television, provides an insight into the Black Consciousness Movement at a crucial moment in its history. An historic framework for recent developments is provided by SOUTH AFRICA: THE RISING TIDE, produced and directed by Boubakar Adjali. The slide-tape show BANKING ON SOUTH AFRICA, produced by the Packard Manse Media Project, was designed to help new audiences evaluate their bank or pension fund's investment policy. BEHIND THE LINES, directed by Margaret Dickerson, shows the new society that liberation movements are shaping even before independence, and ANGOLA: THE PEOPLE HAVE CHOSEN, directed by Herbert Risz, discusses problems of social reconstruction after liberation. Other films advertised in the brochure are MASSACRE AT NYAZONIA, produced by the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU); NAMIBIA: A CASE STUDY IN COLONIALISM, produced by the United Nations; and THE MULTINATIONAL CORPORATION, by California Newsreel. The brochure quotes Robert Van Lierop, filmmaker A LUTA CONTINUA; Prexy Nesbitt, National Co-ordinator of Stop Banking on South Africa; Bantu Affairs Minister Botha; Judy Stone, San Francisco Chronicle; San Francisco Sun Reporter; and Congressman Ronald V. Dellums. The brochure mentions the African National Congress (ANC), the Sharpeville massacre, Steve Biko, the South African Student Association (SASA), Sam Nujoma, the South West African People's Organization (SWAPO), Joshua Nkomo of Zimbabwe's Patriotic Front, Prime Minister Vorster, the Soweto uprising, the Afrikaans language, Bantustans, MPLA, FNLA, UNITA, Frelimo, the League of Nations, black protests, Rhodesia, and the Chairman of Castle and Cooke.
Used by permission of California Newsreel.