Witness to Apartheid: The Southern Africa Media Center 1986-87

by California Newsreel
with Desmond Tutu, Buzz Bense (Design), KeyStroke Productions (Type), Wm Stewart (Calligraphy)
San Francisco, California, United States
Undated, July 1986?
16 pages
Contents:A Message From Archbishop Desmond Tutu • The Southern Africa Media Center Tenth Anniversary Year • ADVISORY BOARD • An Evening TOGETHER/AGAINST APARTHEID • BOOKING FILMS • Brochure advertising films available from the California Newsreel Southern Africa Media Center including “Witness to Apartheid” producer/director Sharon Sopher Co-producer/director Kevin Harris; “Winnie and Nelson Mandela” producer National Black Programming Consortium and Villon Films, director Peter Davis; “Woza Albert!” producer David Thompson, BBC; “Generations Of Resistance” producer United Nations, director Peter Davis; “South Africa Belongs To Us” producer Gerhard Schmidt, director Chris Austin; “You Have Struck A Rock!” producer Deborah May; “Allan Boesak: Choosing For Justice” producers Hugo Cassirer and Nadine Gordimer, director Hugo Cassirer, narrator James Earl Jones; “Namibia: Africa's Last Colony” producers Paul Hamann and Peter Salmon, BBC; “Moving On: The Hunger For Land In Zimbabwe” producer/director Peter Entell, sponsor Belgium-Zimbabwe Friendship Association; “Last Grave at Dimbaza” producer Naa Mahomo; “Crossroads/South Africa” producer Jonathan Wacks; “The Discarded People” producer Granada TV (G.B.); and “Six Days in Soweto” producer Antony Thomas, ATV. The brochure includes quotes from Anthony Lewis and John O’Connor, New York Times; The London Times; The Economist; The Village Voice; Senator Edward Kennedy; Los Angeles Times; Jimmy Carter; Clive Barnes, New York Post; Roland Jefferson, The Black Scholar; Alice Walker; Nadine Gordimer; S.F. Examiner; The Daily Express; The Daily Mail; Dr. Gwendolyn Carter; Soho News; Cineaste; Anthony Lewis; Clyde Taylor, Black Collegian; The Sunday Times; The Observer; and Mayor Andrew Young. The brochure mentions beatings in detention, the banned Congress of South African Students (COSA), Mkhuseli Jack, a successful black consumer boycott in Port Elizabeth, "Cheeky" Watson, Curtis Nkondo, the United Democratic Front (UDF), Johan Fourie, Afrikaaner, wounded schoolchildren, churches, Bambata's Rebellion, the African National Congress (ANC), the Defiance Campaigns, the Pondoland rebellion, the Sharpeville massacre, the ANC underground, Steve Biko, the Black Consciousness Movement, Lillian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Dora Tamana, Frances Baard, South African music, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, squatters, South African Minister of Cooperation and Development Dr. Piet Koornhof, the 1976 Soweto uprising, unarmed schoolchildren, guns, dogs, tanks of the police force, and the legacy of colonialism.
Used by permission of California Newsreel.