The Southern Africa Media Center: A Project of California Newsreel 1981-82

by California Newsreel
with Howard Wolpe
San Francisco, California, United States
Undated, second half of 1981 or 1982
16 pages
 A brochure produced by the Southern Africa Media Center publicizing films about South Africa, focusing on three new films about women: “You Have Struck a Rock!” produced and directed by Deborah May; “South Africa Belongs to Us” produced by Gerhard Schmidt and directed by Chris Austin; and “Crossroads / South Africa” produced and directed by Jonathan Wacks. Other films being disseminated by California Newsreel include “Generations of Resistance” produced and directed by Peter Davis; “Six Days in Soweto” produced by Anthony Thomas; “Last Grave at Dimbaza” produced by Nana Mahomo; “Abaphuciwe - The Dispossessed” produced and directed by Gavin Younge; “Controlling Interest: The World of the Multinational Corporation” produced by California Newsreel; “Portrait of Nelson Mandela” produced by Frank Diamond for Dutch television; “Free Namibia!” produced by The United Nations; and “Namibia: A Case Study In Colonialism” produced by Ramakantha Sarma for the United Nations. The brochure begins with an introduction to the Southern Africa Media Center and lists the members of its Advisory Board. It also contains a Message From Representative Howard Wolpe. The brochure includes quotes from Gwendolen Carter, Professor of African Studies, Indiana University; The Los Angeles Times; Booklist; Marylee Wiley, Michigan State University; The Black Scholar; The Soho News; The New York Times; San Francisco Chronicle; Film News; Michael Watts, director, African Studies Center, University of California, Berkeley; The Observer; Guide to Africa-Related Audio Visuals; The Daily Mail; Franklin H. Williams, President, Phelps Stokes Fund; Education Film Library Association's Evaluations; and Political Scientist Janice Love. The brochure mentions the House Subcommittee on Africa, leaders in independent black African nations, self-determination, Letta Mbulu, the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League, life imprisonment, Robben Island, civil disobedience, the freedom movement, repression, treason, an international campaign, Ossie Davis, SWAPO (South West Africa People's Organization), homelands, Afrikaans, Lillian Ngoyi, Helen Josephs, Dora Tomana, Francis Baard, violence of apartheid, the Soweto uprising, industrial strikes in Port Elizabeth, bus boycotts in Natal, the housing struggles at Crossroads, the rising tide of black resistance, the political economy of South Africa, Sharpeville, Bombata's rebellion, the dispossession of African lands, pass laws, women's campaigns, the Black Consciousness Movement, multinational corporations extracting Namibia's strategic reserves, copper, diamonds, and uranium.
Used by permission of California Newsreel.