This statement is presented by the Oberlin Committee on South Africa to the Social and Political Concerns Committee's Investment Forum, 2/18/71, for comment of the panel

by Oberlin Committee on South Africa
Oberlin, Ohio, United States
February 18, 1971
1 page
Type: Statement
Coverage in Africa: South Africa, Southern Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The statement by the Oberlin Committee on South Africa says the practice of colonialism, apartheid, and racism in South Africa is a serious affront to human dignity, self-determination, and world peace. Oberlin College currently owns stocks and bonds in 34 corporations with investments in South Africa, and the College must meet it social responsibilities as an investor. The statement mentions General Motors (GM), Ford Motor Company, International Harvester Credit Corporation, Chase Manhattan Bank, First National City Bank, Mobil Oil, Standard Oil of New Jersey, Gulf Oil, the United Nations, a trade and diplomatic boycott of South Africa, support and complicity with the white supremacist systems of economic repression, Oberlin's historic commitment to human rights, religious denominations (including Episcopalian, Church of Christ, and Presbyterian), and insisting that American corporations disengage. The statement asks that an upcoming forum address these questions: 1. Should Oberlin use the power of proxy at stockholders' meetings to introduce and support resolutions for disengagement from south Africa? and 2. Should Oberlin instruct its investment councilors to refuse further investments in corporations with holdings in South Africa?
This item was digitized by the Amistad Research Center, which made it available to the African Activist Archive
Collection: American Committee on Africa collection, Amistad Research Center