by American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
Undated, sometime after December 16, 1982 and the next Executive Board meeting in 1983
3 pages
Type: Meeting Minutes
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Canada, Europe, United Nations
Language: English
Contents: Attendance • II. Namibia: International Seminar and Regional Meetings • III. Staff Engagements • IV. Publications • V. Divestment Campaign • VI. Cultural Boycott • VII. Material Aid • VIII. Play Tour • IX. Jean Sindab was on temporary medical leave from the Washington Office on Africa. • X. Finances • The minutes discuss the successful international seminar of multinational corporations in Namibia held by ACOA and the UN Council for Namibia that included 30 papers on issues including fishing, mining, and uranium. In conjunction with the seminar, meetings were held with editors of the Washington Post and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, briefings were held at the National Press Club and Congress, and two tours were organized to six cities in the US and Canada. Gail Hovey’s major study of North American investments in Namibia has been well-received. Jennifer Davis spoke at a panel on Namibia and an action panel at the African Studies Association. Davis reported on a complete divestment bill in Massachusetts and a bill for university divestment in Michigan. Unity in Action and the National Black United Front have picketed black entertainers who have gone to South Africa and also Frank Sinatra at Carnegie Hall. Material aid work included sending medical supplies to Namibian refugees (picked up in Minneapolis) with help from UNHCR, library materials to the Namibia Institute with help of the UN Library, and women's underwear to SWAPO Women’s Council with help from the Commissioner for Namibia. "For Better Not For Worse,” a play by Selaelo Mared, has been touring campuses. The minutes mention Paul Irish, Dumisani Kumalo Marvin Rich, George Houser, William Booth, Elizabeth Landis, Jennifer Garvey, William Johnston, Tilden LeMelle, Dorothy Hibbert, Isabel Cintron-Cintron, Edgar Lockwood, Josephine Buck-Jones, Edward May, Jerry Herman, Richard Lapchick, Jennifer Davis, and Josh Nessen.
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa).
Collection: Peter Weiss (Africa collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections