[To Alvin Vogtle, President of the. Southern Company]

by African Liberation Support Committee
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Undated, spring 1975?
1 page
Type: Petition
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Petition addressed to Alvin Vogtle, President of the. Southern Company; the Congressional Black Caucus, care of Honorable John Conyers; and the Secretary of State, United States Government. The petition says we support the efforts of workers to stop the importation of South African coal; the Southern Company is assisting the South African fascist regime in maintaining its control over African workers; at the same time, it is threatening the livelihood of mine workers in this country by bringing in the slave coal. The petition discusses the world-wide system of imperialism, the white minority regime of South Africa, the attempt to divide the international working class, and the Southern Company. Slogans on the petition are STOP THE COAL! and STOP THE SOUTHERN COMPANY! [Note: This PDF was made from a copy of the petition in the Southern Conference Educational Fund records, not an original.]
Collection: Southern Conference Educational Fund records, Georgia State University Special Collections and Archives