Reproduce this pamphlet and insert it into the Sunday bulletin on June 15, 1986
by Lutheran World Ministries, Churches Emergency Committee on Southern Africa
New York, New York, United States
Apparently March 1986
Publisher: Churches Emergency Committee on Southern Africa
2 pages
Pamphlet designed to be photocopied, offset printed, or transferred to a stencil for reproduction. The pamphlet says completed and folded pamphlet can be inserted into the Sunday bulletin to observe "World Day of Prayer and Fasting to End Unjust Rule in Southern Africa" on June 15. The pamphlet says on June 16, 1976, Black schoolchildren demonstrating against inferior education under South Africa's apartheid system were shot and killed by police during a peaceful march through the Soweto township; after the bloodied body of Hector Petersen, the first child killed, was carried to his burial, six months of violence followed claiming nearly 1000 lives; this tragedy became known as the "Soweto Uprising". The pamphlet says in December 1985, 90 church leaders from Africa, Australia, North America and western Europe gathered in Harare, Zimbabwe, for an emergency meeting to confront the worsening situation in southern Africa; as South Africans and Namibian Christians spoke of the horrifying violence inflicted on their peoples, a number of western leaders realized that change in southern Africa had to be fueled not only with eloquent words but decisive actions. The pamphlet says as a result, a public statement of alarm and commitment - "The Harare Declaration" - was issued. Christian leaders declared the present situation in southern Africa to be a kairos moment, of truth: God is asking people to choose sides.The pamphlet says this kairos moment- a time of grace and opportunity - is a time in which God challenges the church to decisive action at a critical period in history.  The pamphlet says as North Americans who are far removed from the violence of apartheid, we may be tempted to side with national or economic interests without realizing that such actions are hurting - and killing - our sisters and brothers in southern Africa; but our faith in Jesus Christ calls us to transcend personal interests for the sake of God's people; our faith in Jesus Christ challenges us to accept this kairos moment in history- to side with the suffering peoples in South Africa and Namibia. The pamphlet says on June 16, 1986, the tenth anniversary of the Soweto Uprising, Christians all over the world will be praying and fasting to end unjust rule in South Africa and Namibia; as part of this observance, on Sunday, June 15, 1986, congregations in North America are invited to pray together this litany based on Psalm 23 as interpreted by Pastor Zephaniah Kameeta of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia. • A Moment of Decision • Important Points from the Harare Declaration • Special Prayer
Collection: Hawaii Committee for Africa (Renee Furuyama & Joel Fischer collection)