Special May-June 1986 edition

by Hawaii Committee for Africa
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Undated, late April or early May 1986
4 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: FEATURES IN THIS ISSUE • IMPORTANT REMINDER • RESULTS OF THE 1986 LEGISLATIVE SESSION • THEA CHANG OFF TO PURSUE PhD IN BLACK STUDIES • KEITH KRUGER’S ANNOUNCEMENT • ANTI-APARTHEID HAWAII ACTIONS: SUMMARY, YEAR IN REVIEW • LEGISLATURE CALLS FOR END OF APARTHEID DURING 1985 SESSION • OFFICE OF HAWAIIAN AFFAIRS CALLS FOR ENDING APARTHEID • CITY COUNCIL DECLARES ANTI-APARTHEID PROTEST DAY • LARGE DEMONSTRATION HELD AT FEDERAL BUILDING, OCT. 11, 1985 • UH PROFESSORS CALL FOR DIVESTMENT • HAWAII COMMITTEE for AFRICA SENDS LETTER TO ALL UNIONS • HAWAII COUNCIL of CHURCHES DIVESTS • HONOLULU CITY COUNCIL CALL FOR DIVESTMENT • MARTIN LUTHER KING PARADE SUCCESSFUL • BLACK SOUTH AFRICAN HONORED BY LEGISLATURE • PASS LAWS DROPPED, ARBITRARY ARREST OF BLACKS CONTINUES • LEADERSHIP SEMINARS EXPANDING • The newsletter includes two photographs of a demonstration to commemorate the Sharpeville Massacre. The newsletter says the next demonstration is set for Monday, June 16 in observance of the 10th anniversary of the Soweto South Africa uprising; this is a national observance and is being coordinated by the World Council of Churches. The May 9th meeting (see p. 2) will discuss details of this important anti-apartheid national event. The newsletter discusses Rep. David Hagino, H.C.R. 20, divestment, Rep. Dwight Yoshimura, the State Senate, S.R. 106, apartheid, Hawaii Amnesty International, Russell Shenn, the Hawaii Council of Churches, the University of Hawaii, Sen. Neil Abercrombie, Sen. Clayton Hee, Sen. Duke Kawasaki, the Bishop Tutu Refugee Fund, the Honolulu City Council, Anti-Apartheid Protest Day, Elizabeth Sibeko, Twiggs Xiphu, President Pieter Botha, influx control, torture, human rights violations, and the Manoa Valley Church.
Used by permission of former members of the Hawaii Committee for Africa.
Collection: Hawaii Committee for Africa (Renee Furuyama & Joel Fischer collection)