Southern Africa REPORT

Class Snuggle vs. Class Struggle
(Vol. 15 No. 2)
by SAR Collective
with Nadine Hutton (photographer), Glenn Adler, Eddie Webster, Carolyn Bassett, Marlea Clarke, Tom Lodge, Lori Pottinger, Blair Rutherford, David Hemson, David McDonald
Toronto, Canada
2nd Quarter 2000 (February 2000)
Publisher: Toronto Committee for Links Between Southern Africa and Canada
36 pages
Contents: Editorial: Capitulation? • South Africa: • Class Compromise by Glenn Adler and Eddie Webster • … Class Struggle by Carolyn Bassett and Marlea Clarke • "Democracy May Yet Happen" Tom Lodge in the Congo by Tom Lodge • Scandal in Lesotho: Caught Wet-Handed by Lori Pottinger • Bribing Companies • Zimbabwe Farm Workers: The Struggle for Utopia by Blair Rutherford • Heavy Handed Democracy: SWAPO's Victory in Namibia by Tom Lodge • In Debt to Apartheid by David Hemson • Zunade Dharsey -- 1960-1999 by David McDonald
Used by permission of former members of the Southern Africa Report (SAR) Collective of the Toronto Committee for Links between Southern Africa & Canada (TCLSAC).
Collection: Private collection of William Minter