Southern Africa REPORT

(Vol. 13 No. 3)
by SAR Collective
with Barbara Kinney (photographer), Carole Collins, Hein Marais, Larry Swat, Colin Darch, Our Swaziland Correspondent, Nigel Crawhall, Mazibuko Jara
Toronto, Canada
May 1998
Publisher: Toronto Committee for Links between Southern Africa & Canada
36 pages
Contents: Editorial: Dollar Diplomacy • Southern Africa: A New Congo in a New Region? by Carole J. L. Collins • Clinton in Africa: Another Scramble for Africa by Hein Marais • Botswana: What Clinton Didn't See by Larry A. Swatuk • Angola Quicksand by Colin Darch • Royals and Rurals: Impasse in Swaziland by Our Swaziland Correspondent • FYI: The Struggle Continues SOUTH AFRICA CONFRONTS GLOBALIZATION A Conference to Build Civil Society Alliances - Brief Conference Report • Still Invisible: San and Khoe in the New S.A. by Nigel Crawhall • Gay and Lesbian Rights: Forcing Change in S.A. by Mazibuko Jara
Used by permission of former members of the Southern Africa Report (SAR) Collective of the Toronto Committee for Links between Southern Africa & Canada (TCLSAC).
Collection: Private collection of William Minter