RE: Associated Church Press Briefing Conference, Jan. 16-17, at the G. C. U. N.

by Kenneth N. Carstens, National Council of Churches
New York, New York, United States
January 8, 1968
Publisher: National Council of Churches
2 pages
Type: Memorandum
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The memorandum says enclosed is the programme for the Associated Church Press editors' briefing conference on Southern Africa. Enclosed with the memorandum is PROGRAM FOR A.C.P.  BRIEFING CONFERENCE ON SOUTHERN AFRICA at the Church Center for the United Nations.  The program includes and opening talk COLOR IN WORLD POLITICS - THE CHALLENGE OF SOUTHERN AFRICA TO THE UNITED STATES by Colin Legum, Africa and Commonwealth Correspondent, The Observer, London. Sessions on the program include: RHODESIA with The Rt. Rev. K.J. F. Skelton, Anglican Bishop from Rhodesia, and Davis M'gabe, Rhodesian political exile; PORTUGUESE COLONIES IN AFRICA with Dr. John Marcum, Professor of Political Science at Lincoln University; SOUTH WEST AFRICA with Dr. Waldemar Campbell, Country Director for Southern Africa, Bureau of African Affairs, State Department and Emil Apollus, South West African exile; and SOUTH AFRICA with Dr. Thomas Karis, Professor of Political Science at City College in New York; Peter Molotsi, South African exile.  The program includes the luncheon talk EFFECTING CHANGE IN SOUTHERN AFRICA by W .B. Waldron Ramsey, Legal Counsellor, Permanent Mission of the United Republic of Tanzania. The program includes a panel discussion THE FUTURE OF SOUTHERN AFRICA AND THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE UNITED STATES with George Houser, Executive Director, American Committee on Africa; M. Kahn, U.S. Representative of the Mozambique Liberation Front, FRELIMO; Collin Legum; David M’gabe; John Marcum; Waldemar Campbell; Emil Apollus; Thomas Karis; Peter Molotsi; and selected editors. The program discusses the Information Service of South Africa.
Collection: Robert E. Maurer Papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections