Between the Lines

(Volume 4 Number 1)
by Campaign Against Apartheid
with John Hurley, Jim P., Ben P., Joe Blackburn, Max Ventura
Berkeley, California, United States
September 3, 1986
4 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: Regents divest $3.1 billion • UC holds 11 responsible for demo • News Flashes • The Upcoming Generation • Environmental cups used • Washington Divests • Nuke free cheese • Contra money from drugs • Big Mountain, BIA continues war of attrition • COOP provided responsible food • Site 300 protested • CAA may face forced relocation • Staff Box • Time, Place and Manner • Stop U.S. aid to El Salvador • The newsletter discusses militant student direct action, stockholdings of companies doing business in South Africa, divestment, freedom fighters, UC Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley), California Hall, the Alameda County district attorney, the Student Conduct Committee, the Free Speech Movement, shantytown, Sproul Plaza, Chancellor Heyman, the University of Washington, the Berkeley Big Mountain Support Group, Tribal Councils, Coop Connection Underground Food Store, SAICA, Berkeley Students for Peace, ASUC, apartheid, the Vietnam Day Committee, a Steve Biko Commemoration, AZAPO, the Pan-African Congress (PAC), Gov. Deukmejian, United People of Color, Martin Luther King, Rep. Dellums, Senator Cranston, IBM, Hewlett Packard, General Motors (GM), Dow Chemical, University Police, material aid, South African Liberation groups, the CIA, and ROTC. 
Used by permission of former members of the Campaign Against Apartheid.
Collection: Private collection of Steve Masover