by Southwide Coalition to Stop South African Coal
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Undated, late June 1975
1 page
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING • Baxley, Ga. Meeting of Southern Co. Stockholders • AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY • MAWARE ARRESTED • NEWS FLASH • The newsletter reports there will be a steering committee meeting on July 19 in Birmingham to discuss a consumer goods boycott, touring the South in the autumn with film and speakers, draft of a mass pamphlet, and draft of postcard campaign. The newsletter reports that at the late May stockholders meeting for Southern Co., a dozen demonstrators and about 20 people with proxy votes that admitted them to the meeting showed up. The newsletter reports that Tapson Maware, the North American representative of ZANU, was arrested and assaulted in Delaware recently; he and a traveling companion, Synos Mangazva, had eaten at a restaurant well-known for its racist stand, and were falsely accused of drunkenness and beaten up by the police. People are asked to protest to the State Attorney General in Dover to protest this racist attack. The newsletter reports that thee Atlanta branch of the Coalition plans a forum on July 18 featuring speakers from South Africa and a film. The newsletter reports that the Georgia Power Co. has stated that it will not buy coal from South Africa for use in Florida. The newsletter discusses profit and Allen Vogle. [Note on date: on the back of the newsletter is a stamp postmarked July 1, 1975.]
Collection: Henry Lieberg collection