[Dear Bernie Dinkin: On June 21, the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania will be holding one of their triannual meetings]

by Martin Luther King Jr. Anti-Apartheid Coalition, Penn Anti-Apartheid Coalition
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
June 11, 1985
Publisher: Penn Anti-Apartheid Coalition, Martin Luther King Jr. Anti-Apartheid Coalition
1 page
Type: Correspondence
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Letter to Bernie Dinkin of ACTWU inviting him to speak at a demonstration outside the triannual meeting of the University of Pennsylvania Trustees on June 21. The Board has considered divesting stock from companies that do business in South Africa, but thus far it has refused to adopt a policy of total divestment. The letter says it was recently revealed that 13 of Penn's trustees are executive officers or board members 0f corporations that operate in South Africa. At the June 21 meeting, the Penn Anti-Apartheid Coalition and the Philadelphia Martin Luther King Anti-Apartheid Coalition intend to impress on the Trustees a clear message of opposition to their policies. They advocate total divestment of Penn's stocks from companies (including Sullivan Principles signatories) that do business in South Africa. Ellen Somekawa is the contact person.
Collection: Private collection of Bernie Dinkin