ACAS Bulletin

(Number 32)
by Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
with Stephen Howard, Allan D. Cooper, James R. Scarritt, Ned Alpers, Kathie Sheldon, Jane J. Martin, Jo M. Sullivan, Anne Lippert, Fatoumata Doumbouya, Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Winter 1991
31 pages
Contents: NOTES FROM THE EDITOR • GULF WAR COMPLICATES CIVIL WAR IN SUDAN • LAYING THE FOUNDATION FOR SELF-DETERMINATION • DILEMMAS OF DEMOCRATIZATION IN ZAMBIA • MOZAMBIQUE • LIBERIAN DEVASTATION DEMANDS U.S. ATTENTION • EFFORTS CONTINUE TO RESOLVE THE CONFLICT IN WESTERN SAHARA • ANTI-GOVERNMENT SENTIMENT PERMEATES DECEMBER 1990 REFERENDUM • HOPE FADES FOR DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS IN ZAIRE • ACAS NEWS • POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE • SUMMARY OF ACAS MEETINGS AT BALTIMORE ASA CONFERENCE • FORTHCOMING ACAS BULLETIN • KENYA: POLITICALLY-MOTIVATED CHARGES DROPPED AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER • AFRICA AND THE GULF WAR: ACAS BRIEFING PACKET AVAILABLE • OMISSION • SOUTH AFRICA NOW • THE FIRST AFRICAN-AFRICAN AMERICAN SUMMIT • ANNOUNCEMENTS • NOMINATIONS INVITED FOR ACAS BOARD AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE • The newsletter discusses Lt. General Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir, the Council of the Revolution of National Salvation, Sadig al-Mahdi, the Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA), Khartoum, civil war, the National Islamic Front (NIF/1Muslim Brothers), John Garang, Atbara, Sudan's labor movement, Wad Medani, El Obeid, the Iraq-Kuwait war, SWAPO, PLAN, the South West Africa Police (SWAPOL), Public/Police Relations Committees, British instructors, the Bank of Namibia, Banque Bruzelles Lambert, Societe Financiere pour les Pays D'Outre-Mer (SFOM), Banque Financiere de la Cite, the West German Office for Cooperation and Development, the Commercial Bank of Namibia, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), Walvis Bay, the World Bank, Theo-Ben Gurirab, oil from Angola, Solomon Hawala, the Namibian army, Luderitz, Spanish fishing boats, Pescanova, the Namibia Defence Force, the United National Independence Party (UNIP), Ovambo, SADCC (Southern African Development Coordination Council), Kalahari, Kavango, Caprivi, the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, the British Protectorate of Northern Rhodesia, the African National Congress (ANC), the Copperbelt, the United Progressive Party (UPP), Kenneth Kaunda, the Movement for a Multi-Party Democracy (MMD), Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), Frederick Chiluba, the Democratic Party, the Political Bureau of Frelimo, Renamo, Joaquim Chissano, elections, the death penalty, Mozambican Liberal and Democratic Party (PALMO), the Mozambique National Union (UNAMO), the Mozambique Support Network, ECOWAS, Prince Johnson, National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), Charles Taylor, the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), Amos Sawyer, Lutheran Bishop Donald Diggs, the Association for Constitutional Democracy in Liberia (ACDL), Catholic Relief Services, Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres-MSF Belgium), the Red Cross, the UN High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR), U.S. Committee on Refugees, the Liberian Relief and Reconstruction Act, Congress, the Immigration and Naturalization Act, Edward M. Kennedy, Gene McNary, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, President George Bush, Liberia Watch, the Polisario Front, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the United Nations (UN), a referendum, Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar, the International Court of Justice, the UN Mission to Northwest Africa, Spanish Sahara, the Green March, the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), the European Economic Community, the European Parliament, the 4th Committee (Decolonization), the General Assembly, Hector Gross de Espiell, the Security Council, MINURSO, King Hassan II, Johannes Manz, prisoners of war, Danielle Mitterand, the Military Committee for National Rectification (CMRN), Radio-Television Guinea (RTG), Lansana Conte, the Transitional Council for National Rectification (CTRN), Sekou Toure, Christian Sow, Alpha Conde, Ba Mamadou, the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG), the Roman Catholic Archbishop, Donka high school, Conakry, the Grand Mosque, the Catholic Church, Mobutu Sese Seko, People's Revolutionary Movement (MPR), Stephen Solarz, Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, Howard University, the Center for Research on Zaire, Susanne Riveles, Kevin Danaher, Global Exchange, Barry Kistnasamy, NAMDA (National Medical and Dental Association), the South African Medical Association, David Groff, Ed Ferguson, Bill Minter, Teresa Smith, Bill Bigelow, Robert Manley, Meredith Turshen, the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, Pheroze Nowrojee, Herma Muge, Gitobu Imanyara, the International Bar Association, the International Commission of Jurists, the American Bar Association, the Bar Association of the City of New York, Daniel arap Moi, Saddam Hussein, Iraq, Rev. Leon H. Sullivan, William Gray, Dorothy Height, Benjamin Hooks, Jesse Jackson, Joseph Lowrey, Dave Wiley, Cathy Newbury, Jim Mittelman, and Bill Martin.
Used by permission of several co-chairs of the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root