by Angola Support Committee
Eugene, Oregon, United States
Undated, first half of 1976?
6 pages
Type: Brochure
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Brochure in support of the MPLA and opposed to U.S. intervention in Angola. The brochure says in January, 1975, the 40 Committee of the National Security Agency sabotaged the Alvor Agreement between the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA) and the United Party for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) by deciding to pump millions in weapons and aid to the two puppet movements FNLA and UNITA; these two movements has historically been cultivated by the CIA. The brochure says Angola is one of the richest countries in the world with resources such as oil, diamonds, iron ore, copper, manganese, gold and other natural resources. The brochure demands a complete disclosure of U.S. involvement in Angola and the immediate cessation of all U.S. and South African interference in the People's Republic of Angola. The brochure asks people to write their Congressional representative, organize and participate in demonstrations and rallies, talk to friends and coworkers, and organize and attend educational activities. The brochure discusses Henry Kissinger, William Colby , William Clement, General George S. Brown, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Diamond Distributors of New York, Oestdiam, Diversa Inc. of Dallas, agriculture, sisal, coffee, Singer Corporation, NCR (National Cash Register), Pfizer Laboratories, General Tire and Rubber Company, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Gulf Oil, Mobil, Chrysler, Union Carbide, IT&T, Consolidated Diamond Mines, Amex, Newmont Mining, Union Corporation, uranium, FLEC, Holden Roberto, Jonas Savimbi, Zaire, mercenaries, the Azores, Agostinho Neto, and Vietnam. • WHY U.S. INVOLVEMENT IN ANGOLA? • U.S. MILITARY INVOLVEMENT • OUR RESPONSIBILITIES
Collection: Bob Guldin Southern African Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections