by Amnesty International USA
Nederland, Colorado, United States
October 14, 1986
2 pages
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
This Amnesty International mailing reports that Pinda Molefe, mother of three young children, is still detained incommunicado and without charge or trial under Section 29 of the Internal Security Act. She has been held for more than four months since her arrest in June 1986. Molefe has been moved from detention in a police station - where Section 29 detainees are normally held - to Diepkloof Prison, Soweto. She is still held in solitary confinement and has not been permitted any visits since her detention. The mailing says her husband, Popo Molefe, also remains in prison, as one of 22 people on trial at Delmas, Transvaal, on charges of treason. The mailing asks people to send appeals to Louis le Grange, Minister of Law and Order; Brigadier G. N. Erasmus, Head of Security Police; and General Johan Coetzee, Commissioner of Police expressing concern over the long period that Pinda Molefe has been detained without charge or trial, incommunicado and in solitary confinement. Urge that she be granted urgent access to her lawyer, to independent medical examination by a doctor of her choice, and to visits from her relatives. Also, ask that she be allowed visits from, and direct physical contact with, her children. Call for assurances that she has not been, and will not be, tortured or ill-treated while in detention and for her immediate and unconditional release if she is not to be charged and brought to trial promptly and fairly on recognizably criminal charges. The mailing asks copies be sent to H. J. Coetsee, Minister of Justice; the South African Press Association; The Star; the Sowetan; and Ambassador J.H.A. Beukes, Embassy of South Africa. The mailing also asks people to organize appeals from women’s groups and to write to their Congressional Representatives to solicit their help with this appeal.
Collection: Portland Anti-Apartheid Materials (Elizabeth Ussher Groff Collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections