Namibia Newsletter

by National Namibia Concerns
with Solveig Kjeseth, Namibia Communications Centre, Peter Kjeseth, John Beck, Pat Gardner, Ilah WeibIen, Richard Mark
Denver, Colorado, United States
March 1986
13 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Southern Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: ARSON DESTROYS COUNCIL OF CHURCHES OFFICES IN NAMIBIA • NATIONAL NAMIBIA CONCERNS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE "CALL TO CONSCIENCE" • Dear Friends • THE HARARE DECLARATION • HARARE DECLARATION: A FOLLOW-UP TO THE KAIROS DOCUMENT • NATIONAL NAMIBIA CONCERNS AT THE ALC YOUTH GATHERING • ACTION ALERT • HELP SPONSOR A NAMIBIA STUDENT • CHURCHES OPPOSE AID TO UNITA • What's Happening... • GREETINGS FROM NAMIBIA CONCERNS AT WARTBURG SEMINARY! • BISHOP SUSPECTS SOUTH AFRICAN FORCES OF SCHOOL FIRE BOMB • NAMIBIA CONCERNS NETWORK BACK IN OPERATION AFTER THEFT OF MAILING LIST • News Bulletin. . . • What can we do??? • U.S. State Department: Response or Cover-up? • One good thing . . . The response of our network has been amazing • The newsletter reports the main offices of the Council of Churches in Namibia were destroyed by fire at 3 AM on January 2nd; fire and police officials have reported the blaze was deliberately started; Dr. Abisai Shejavali, General Secretary of the Council, said it was an act of sabotage. The newsletter says under the direction of NNC Board member, Barbara Fullerton, a South African Conference was held in Columbus, Ohio, on October 25, 26, 1985. The newsletter reports John and Beth Cawkins helped Bill Johnston of Episcopal Churchpeople for a Free South Africa (ECSA) set up his new computer and catch up on thirty years of filing. The newsletter reports the Rebekah Circle of St. Paul American Lutheran Church in Herington, Kansas, pooled its resources during the past 18 months and collected 535 books to be sent to a school operated by the Rev. Hendrick Witbooi in Namibia. The newsletter reports Bishop Kleopas Dumeni of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELOC) has said he suspects that members of the South African Defence Forces (SADF) were responsible for a bomb blast at Oshigambo Lutheran High School in northern Namibia on the night of Saturday, January 18th. The newsletter includes quotes by Bishop Kleopas Dumeni, Winnie Mandela, and Rev. Allan Boesak. The newsletter discusses anti-apartheid organizations, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Rehabeam Auala, Deborah Archie, Ralston Deffenbaugh, Lutheran World Ministries, apartheid, Andy Johnson, the International League for Human Rights, Kathy Gerking, United Nations Resolution 435, Bishop David W. Preus of the American Lutheran Church, Gail Hovey, sanctions, divestment, Pastor Phaswana, Carol Lutter, Phaswana, Ndamono David, Moe Wick, and Toivo Isai, Bisey Urirab, Martin Luther Highschool in Namibia, President Reagan, Ndamono David, Pastor Ndanganeni Phaswana, Pastor Luther Johnson, Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Denver, the Clark Amendment, the Lutheran Church in American, the American Lutheran Church, the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches, Usko Shivute, Bethany Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, Frieda Shivute, Usko Shivute, Gabriel and Frederika Uahengo, Tala and Tega Shivute, Bruce Benson, Mel George, Pastor Donald Flatt, Pastors Julius Mtuleni and Jonathan Hevita, Pastors Susan and Red Burchfield, Donna Ewing, Emma Danitschek, Mary Rohloff, Ester Kohlieber, Leila Mae Schrader, Evelyn Herpich, Renata Johnson, Verna Warneke, Cheryl Utech, Ethel Schimming, Virginia Lampe, Lila Siek, the South West Africa Territorial Force, and SWAPO. 
Used by permission of former members of National Namibia Concerns.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root