1980 End of the Year ACCESS Report

by Richard E. Lapchick, American Coordinating Committee for Equality in Sport and Society
New York, New York, United States
December 23, 1980
Publisher: American Coordinating Committee for Equality in Sport and Society
12 pages
Mailing including a cover letter and END OF THE YEAR REPORT – 1980. The cover letter says enclosed please find a copy of the 1980 end of the year ACCESS report; while we ended 1980 on quite a positive note regarding US sports contacts with South Africa, we are fully aware that circumstances could change dramatically in 1981 with the incoming Reagan Administration. The END OF THE YEAR REPORT – 1980 says the second half of 1980 has been one of the most active periods in the five year history of ACCESS; South Africa has been mounting a major campaign in the United States, New Zealand, Britain and France to break out of its almost complete isolation in sports. Both the French and the British have sent major touring teams to South Africa; a South African tour of New Zealand is planned for early 1981. The END OF THE YEAR REPORT – 1980 says the second-ranked gymnastics team in the United States, known as the Parkettes, invited the South African national team to compete in its November 29th invitational meeting in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The END OF THE YEAR REPORT – 1980 includes newspaper articles including "WEAVER TO 'TAKE A DIVE' LIE" by Goeff Van Heerden, "Go home, Yankee", "Sun City tennis spectacular is off" by Sy Lerman, "Supertennis scrapped", "Parkettes Risk Blacklist over S.A. Team" by Bob Sharpe, "Mistaken invitation rightly withdrawn", "Parkettes Say South Africans Not Welcome", and "Parketts drop S. African team invitation" by John Clark. The END OF THE YEAR REPORT – 1980 discusses the Davis Cup; Eisenhower Cup Golf Tournament in Pinehurst, North Carolina; Bob Arum; the World Boxing Association (WBA); John McEnroe; the United States Golf Association (USGA); ABC-TV; John Dommisse; Dennis Brutus; the UN Special Committee Against Apartheid; the World Amateur Goff Council; Mike Weaver; Gerrie Coetzee; Bob Arum; Tilden LeMelle, the American Committee on Africa, Johnstone Makatini, ANC (African National Congress); CBS Sports; Bophuthatswana; the State Department; Björn Borg; Ambassador Franklin Williams; the Phelps-Stokes Fund; Arthur Ashe; Debbie White; the United Nations Blacklist of athletes; the NAACP; the ACLU; the Allentown City Council; and Bill Strauss. Contents of END OF THE YEAR REPORT – 1980: 1. The Eisenhower Cup Golf Tournament • 2. Boxing • 3. The Borg-McEnroe Tennis Match • 4. Gymnastics and the United Nations Blacklist • 5. Other Actions • a. Consultations with Abraham Ordia, President, Supreme Council for Sport in Africa • b. Continued Protest of the Confiscation of the Passport of M.N. Pather, General-Secretary of the South African Council on Sport • c. World Cup Golf Tournament • d. Solidarity with other campaigns in Britain, New Zealand and France [An alternative spelling of the name is Bjorn Borg]
Used by permission of Richard Lapchick, founder of the American Coordinating Committee for Equality in Sport and Society.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root